Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fall (Seaside #4) by Rachel Van Dyken

It’s time to Fall in love with Jaymeson!

Rachel Van Dyken has once again crafted a beautiful heartwarming, gut wrenching story in Seaside Oregon. All of your favorites are back from the previous novel, and ready to stick it to Jaymeson whose bachelor ways are wreaking havoc on his movie career. His agent goes with tried and true and ships him off to Seaside, trouble is the woman who brings out emotions and feeling Jaymeson has buried away is there, and has a bone to pick with him after Nat & Alec’s wedding.

Priscilla is an independent girl, who is finishing up school and just getting through summer before she can get out of Seaside and start college. Start her life. Trouble is, the memories and past seem to cling to her. The kiss on the beach has ruined her for all other men, so when Jaymeson show back up, the walls go up to avoid the feelings simmering for the egotistical narcissist movie star.

Jaymeson, is used to the glitz and glamor of life, but any good bookie knows, you never judge a book for its cover. Even if it is drop dead, mouth-watering gorgeous. We learned a bit in Pull of the dysfunctional life Jaymeson came from, but the troubled waters run deeper. All Jaymeson needs is to find someone who sees him, although that very idea is terrifying. And the kiss on the beach has ruined him just the same, Pris is his beacon of hope in a storm, and once he accepts that she is his savior he wages battle against himself and the local men to win her heart and feel worthy of it, and it the end has to save her when the script turns and she is faced with an insurmountable obstacle that shakes her faith.

Grab your flip flops and sunglasses, it is time to head back to Seaside to join Jaymeson, Priscilla, Demetri and Alyssa, , Alec and Nat, and even Angelica as they shake up the small town that just proves everyone’s other half is out there just waiting to save them. Waiting to FALL in love!

**I received an ARC for an honest review!**