Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nice Girl to Love Series by Violet Duke

So I want to take a bit to share my reviews on the Nice Girl to Love series with a 4th book being published very soon. I met Violet through author networking a bit ago, and must say she has a heart of GOLD! The fourth book in the series, Finding the Right Girl was delayed and here is the most recent update from Violet's Facebook Page.

*** Latest FINDING THE RIGHT GIRL update ***

Hi everyone! *waving with both hands*

Yup, it's me! *small cartwheels* So for those keeping score, MVD did in fact win the battle on my staying in bed yesterday. I'm doing much better, guys. Sorry for the scare. And like MVD said, all your well-wishes really kept me smiling (well, and bawling like a baby *grin*). Y'all are just the greatest fans!

Resisting the Bad Boy:
Holy Swizzle Sticks!What a witty, romantic, laugh-out-loud read. Abby is a sassy woman who can bring a man to his knees with her spunky personality. Connor is So miss understood you just want to find him and love him. Abby will have a hard time in Connors life and really has been living Brian's for so long without realizing it. Cannot wait for Book 2 to see Brian and Abby's story. The end will have you looking for more!

Falling for the Good Guy:
FIRST and Foremost if cliffhangers drive you crazy, buy this and set it aside till 3 comes out because V doesn't do cliffhangers - she does skydives!!!!

Oh.My.Gosh! Give me a few minutes to compose myself and collect my thoughts.

I was really curious how V would make the switch to Brian from Connor, without making Abby come off sleazy. The switch was fantastically done and so relatable and understandable. You feel for every character and just want to cheer for those who are together and weep for the one left on the sideline.

I LOVED the eyes closed, yet your body feel and react scene. I mean WOW!

Characters are all those you know and love from book one. Skylar CRACKS me UP!!!! Connor has taken a pretty back seat in this book of course, but pops in to rile you up just as you get content with where things are.

The storyline flows perfectly, and is not rushed or drawn out. PERFECT pace. Each declaration of love or fighting words for affection are placed exactly where they should be, and make your stomach tense in anticipation. My kindle was flipping pages like a mad woman as I was sucked in to my read, my finger may have a bruise on the tip from pressing with such force.

The end. UGH! I KNEW it was coming. I just knew it my stomach flipped, my heart fluttered a mile a minute, and I stopped breathing. I flipped past the last page and back again hoping for more to appear. Skydive - seriously.

This series is a MUST read!

**I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review**

Choosing the Right Man:

Okay so I have thought long and hard on this review in an effort to not spoil anyone's read with my review. So here goes....

The Final Book - Finally! or is it....?? LOL. This book was hilarious as Book 1 Connor and Book 2 Brian ran the race against each other instead of a tag team. Poor Abby is ran through the ringer as even Mom helps the boys and her bring this to a close and help everyone find their HEA.

The guys are trying to balance the brother code versus knowing this is the woman they love and aren't willing to give up. Each person suffers some heartache as the battle is on. A deal with the devil(s) is made and it is do or die time.

Skylar is back - with a bit more maturity under her belt as she is faced with grown up issues to deal with. We get some things that we were curious about answered and hopeful for the future (hence "or is

The decision is gut wrenching because like Abby with each date or interaction you are rooting for the other guy, but in the end - True Love prevails and the brother steps back knowing Abby belongs in that home.

Great Job Violet Duke, can't wait for the poor guy left behind to find his HEA!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finding You by S.K.. Hartley

For her first novel S.K. Hartley is knocking this one Out.Of.The.Park!

Meet Keva! Keva has been thrown the heartache of a lifetime and overcoming it proves to be difficult. Thank God for her best friend, Low, her brother, Tate, and his best-friend, Logan. They are a group to not be messed with all caring for one another more than words can say. Logan has been there for Keva for as long as she has had to deal with her demons, permanent brother'sfriend - off limits status... or is he?? After some heated moments they both realize their relationship may be more than it seems, but now the battle is on to ignore it. Trying to move on Keva meets Angel, the guys who is panty dropping, delecious. With Angel there is more than meets the eye and it is clear he is hiding his own demons, but with him comes a new slate that Keva just can't resist. Trying to balance her mind and her heart and just survive you are taking on an emotional, HOT journey with Keva.

S.K. Hartley brings you to the brink and leaves you suspended, you heard me right - cliffhanger in store.

Great novel that I read in one sitting (maybe 5 hours) and couldn't seperate myself from, as soon as I took a peek I devoured it! Now I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel ;-)
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Thoughtless, Effortless, Reckless by S.C. Stephens

I read these books one after another the other weekend so the review is going to be combined-


Loved this book and the continuation of Kiera and Kellan's story. I read each one concurrently so they ultimately blend in my mind, so I'm posting a review on Reckless.The important point, this s a def must read! I must say though the end while sweet kinda ticked me off, because I felt like Kellan would go bigger than that... luckily Reckless filled that need. ;-)


Loved this series as a whole. The three book flowed seamlessly and I felt connected to the characters as they went through life. Each one stayed true to who they were. I must admit in 3 I think I had just as much anxiety as Keira as I anxiously wondered in the Kelly-Sex. Loved Griffin in 3 when he finally showed his heart. Nice series overall, would recommend.

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Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken

Okay deep breath so I can try to accurately convey the amazingness of this book, because honestly I'm not sure words can do Ruin justice! I do not have any idea how one woman can be so incredibly blessed to literally hold your heart in her hands and write a book that demands your undivided attention, wrings you of every emotion, and just leaves you in awe when you've completed it. So much so that I am sitting here, reliving the book and smiling and tearing up still! Rachel Van Dyken is a Book Writing Goddess! Ruin conveys every emotion and feeling anybody has ever gone through. Kiersten is a small town girl ready to move on in life and start fresh with the guidance of her crazy best friend Lisa and Gabe. She has faced tragedy and meets the only guy who can pull her from it because he has dealt with it too, Wes. I HEART Wes! I'm just tossing that out there now, People talk about their celebrity cheat, forget celebrites! Give me a RVD book, and I'm GOOD! Give me Wes - and I am in HEAVEN! Wes is the star QB Senior with abs galore and a heart of gold. Wise beyond his years. When he speaks, listen, swoon, fall in love some more! Ruin made me tear up with the first page, laugh out loud (my poor husband was 1AM at this point), Swoon, Fall in love, Ugly Cry, Damn Rachel in sadness, Gasp in shock, and finish it off crying and laughing. I love the spirtuality of the book, the way it grips you by the heart. Once you pick it up you will read until complete and read it again shortly after! Don't add this to your TBR list, buy it, read it, LOVE it!

** I received a ARC of this book in return for an honest review **

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