Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Forever: Seaside Novella by Rachel Van Dyken

Hilarious, Romance novella that will have you laughing and sighing from start to finish!

I am a die-hard Alec & Nat fan, What can I say - Alec always had my heart. From the start of Forever I was devouring pages, flipping to the next, and laughing out loud so much my kids thought I'd officially lost it. By the half way point I was snorting and crying from laughing so much and trying to contain myself.

Forever is your very own personal invitation to Nat & Alec's wedding festivities. The day before preperation, the bachelor party, and the wedding. You are more than a guest, you are their friend, immersed in their lives and thoughts. Joining them in the celebration of their love after a long and strenuous journey.

Rachel Van Dyken also gives you some more time with Alyssa & Demetri, and pumps you up for Jaymeson's story that is coming soon! A pick me up to hold you over and get you your Seaside fill ;)

I received an ARC from the author in return for an honest review

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Next story in this series will be Jaymeson's in Fall! Can Not Wait!

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