Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken

Okay deep breath so I can try to accurately convey the amazingness of this book, because honestly I'm not sure words can do Ruin justice! I do not have any idea how one woman can be so incredibly blessed to literally hold your heart in her hands and write a book that demands your undivided attention, wrings you of every emotion, and just leaves you in awe when you've completed it. So much so that I am sitting here, reliving the book and smiling and tearing up still! Rachel Van Dyken is a Book Writing Goddess! Ruin conveys every emotion and feeling anybody has ever gone through. Kiersten is a small town girl ready to move on in life and start fresh with the guidance of her crazy best friend Lisa and Gabe. She has faced tragedy and meets the only guy who can pull her from it because he has dealt with it too, Wes. I HEART Wes! I'm just tossing that out there now, People talk about their celebrity cheat, forget celebrites! Give me a RVD book, and I'm GOOD! Give me Wes - and I am in HEAVEN! Wes is the star QB Senior with abs galore and a heart of gold. Wise beyond his years. When he speaks, listen, swoon, fall in love some more! Ruin made me tear up with the first page, laugh out loud (my poor husband was 1AM at this point), Swoon, Fall in love, Ugly Cry, Damn Rachel in sadness, Gasp in shock, and finish it off crying and laughing. I love the spirtuality of the book, the way it grips you by the heart. Once you pick it up you will read until complete and read it again shortly after! Don't add this to your TBR list, buy it, read it, LOVE it!

** I received a ARC of this book in return for an honest review **

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