Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finding You by S.K.. Hartley

For her first novel S.K. Hartley is knocking this one Out.Of.The.Park!

Meet Keva! Keva has been thrown the heartache of a lifetime and overcoming it proves to be difficult. Thank God for her best friend, Low, her brother, Tate, and his best-friend, Logan. They are a group to not be messed with all caring for one another more than words can say. Logan has been there for Keva for as long as she has had to deal with her demons, permanent brother'sfriend - off limits status... or is he?? After some heated moments they both realize their relationship may be more than it seems, but now the battle is on to ignore it. Trying to move on Keva meets Angel, the guys who is panty dropping, delecious. With Angel there is more than meets the eye and it is clear he is hiding his own demons, but with him comes a new slate that Keva just can't resist. Trying to balance her mind and her heart and just survive you are taking on an emotional, HOT journey with Keva.

S.K. Hartley brings you to the brink and leaves you suspended, you heard me right - cliffhanger in store.

Great novel that I read in one sitting (maybe 5 hours) and couldn't seperate myself from, as soon as I took a peek I devoured it! Now I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel ;-)
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